Tuesday, May 01, 2007

December - May Affair?

Whether they went blooming last December... or whether they have just bloomed this hot summer month of May... doesn't matter. What matters is - they look beautiful!

I love orchids, but for me, they are vain little creatures. I have tried to pamper the few that I bought. Shower them love and care, but alas they would rather sulk and wilt. Now these flowers that you see here are not mine. One belongs to my mother's loving care, while the others basked under my Auntie's attentions. Because I haven't found success on these spoilt creatures, I have turned my attention on colorful wild perennials who are just too happy to be watered. My reward? I get fresh new blooms every morning. Unfortunately they would not last the whole day... I guess I became sentimental on flowers because May is our month of flowers.

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Dawn said...

Those are beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing the photos on your blog.