Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rains Have Come...!

In my opinion, summer has officially ended on the 10th of May. The rainy season was heralded by a storm which lashed Samar, and brought with it cold torrential rains. Suddenly the skies turned dark and gloomy. And although the storm lasted only for about 3 days here in the beautiful island of Cebu, nevertheless the summer spirit has been dampened.

Goodbye sweltering heat, Hello thunderstorms and lightning!

I think the rains have come a bit earlier this year. They're supposed to come around June, but not as early as middle of May. The fiestas in other provinces have just started yet. And the rains would certainly affect the parades and open dances. Not that I'm ecstatic about summer (I even hate it just a bit), but sometimes I find the rains so confining.

The children could no longer run freely in the street, and without them shouting and running around, the streets would be left empty and desolate.

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